Back on the Horse

Hi Readers!

After a prolonged absence, I’m considering a return to blogging.

The last few weeks have been very rough for me: I am going through a divorce.

Luckily, it is about as amicable as can be expected, and my soon-to-be-exwife and I have worked through most of the details without lawyers.

Given that I have moved to a new place, and have a little more freedom than before, it occurred to me that a return to blogging would be fun. So, here I am.

Watch this space.


2 Responses to Back on the Horse

  1. rudyardh says:

    Good for you Keith! Look forward to following you! Much love, Dad.

  2. Tom Stewart says:

    Welcome back Keith. I keep meaning to do the same thing myself and maybe you will be some encouragement.

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