A new book

To the right of this page is a list of essays I’ve written. A few months ago I started developing and updating the “morality” essay, and I eventually decided to self-publish it as a short Kindle book on Amazon.

That book, called “Ethics From the Ground Up“, is now available.

If you’re a “prime” member of Amazon (whatever that means), you can borrow the book for free, otherwise it is available to anyone for a small fee.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. It has caused me to hold my own feet to the fire, not letting me rest until I’ve solved every niggling problem (or attempted to, at least).

My only worry is that it’s targeted at an audience that lies awkwardly between the layman and the university-level philosopher.

And there’s some math in it, too (eeek!).

So, if you’re interested, give it a shot, Very broadly, it looks like the “morality” essay that you can still read here, but it’s considerably better developed, with fewer errors.


2 Responses to A new book

  1. Wow…published! I’m so proud of you, Keith. I’ll try to get this book and get through it. I never was very good at math though, but I’m interested to see what you wrote.

    • Keith says:

      Warrioress: It’s self-published, so no great achievement! (Thanks for the complement nonetheless).

      That said, I am published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Not exactly the New York Times, but far more difficult than self-publishing 🙂

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