Get your hands off my continent

This makes me really, really angry.

It’s been going on for some time now, and I first blogged about it here. White evangelicals in the United States realize that the local fight against homosexuality is lost. They are now turning to places like Uganda where low levels of education and high levels of superstitious belief provide them fertile ground for their hateful ideas.

Look at the unashamed glee in the eyes of Lou Engle, senior leader at the International House of Prayer, in this New York Times video (a subscription may be necessary, I apologize). “The west has been in a decline. I think Africa is the fire pot of spiritual renewal and revival. It’s very exciting to me”, says Engle.

That’s right. Americans aren’t putting up with your crap anymore, so you’re going to peddle it elsewhere.

I may not be black, but I do consider myself to be African. And I only have one thing to say to people like Engle: Get your grubby hands and your backward religious ideas off my continent.


3 Responses to Get your hands off my continent

  1. Jesus wasn’t a violent man. A violent anti-gay movement isn’t “Christian,” Keith. Please understand this.

    This is akin to the claim that Westboro Baptist Church members are Christian; they aren’t! Do you see anything whatsoever that resembles Jesus Christ in their behavior? Do you see any “fruits of the spirit” (love, joy, peace, self control, patience, etc.) in their walk with Christ? This is how one tells the true Christian from the false. Please don’t get caught up in believing that just because someone claims Christianity that they are a Christian.

    Violence directed toward gay people is sick and perverse. Encouraging that violence is just as sick. Jesus would never have agreed with anything so disgusting.

  2. L.Long says:

    Jesus wasn’t a violent man. WTF!!! Read the buyBull again you have really missed something. Hint …get out of the temple or else….
    I do not preach to gentiles…condemned figs…unfortunate pigs.

    … tells the true Christian from the false……..
    Lets see he is not a true Xtian because he does not agree with Warrioress.
    Warrioress is not a true Xtian because you don’t agree with him.

    How do you tell which is correct???? I think you all are true Xtians, and that was not a compliment.

  3. Keith says:


    It’s true that Jesus does not appear to have been a violent man, and he never encouraged others to be violent.

    The anti-gay movement in Uganda, fueled by biblical literalists in the U.S. is mostly an Old Testament affair, as you know. The usual verses in Leviticus are trotted out to support these people’s close-minded rejection of people different to themselves.

    The question then arises concerning the attitude Christians ought to take toward the Old Testament. They happily uphold laws like the ten commandments, yet reject most of the remaining 600 or so laws as it suits their taste. They sing happy, triumphant songs about Joshua and the walls of Jericho, while ignoring the slaughter of women and children that accompanied the attack.

    The biggest danger in all of this is the idea that the purpose of morality is to appease an invisible god. This allows people to claim that almost any behavior they happen to dislike is something their god dislikes also. And if they dress up in fancy robes, speak from the front of glittering, gilt cathedrals, and read from over-sized, elaborately decorated Bibles, people will believe them. After all, how are the humble masses supposed to know what an invisible, inaudible God really wants?

    This sort of thing has been going on since time immemorial, including the origin of the Old Testament writings themselves: They are simply the imprint of whatever prejudices the local culture happened to hold. And because these writings have lasted so long, they have acquired a far greater sense of respectability and nobleness than they deserve.

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