Don’t pray, vote.

A group of religious leaders is calling citizens to pray for civility among America’s leaders.

I have a different idea. Don’t waste your time praying. Prayer will not have the slightest effect on legislators’ behavior (unless, of course, they get shamed into civility by seeing the praying happening, but I doubt it).

Prayer only provides the illusion that you’ve taken action.

Instead of praying, vote. Vote for leaders who demonstrate a commitment to negotiation and compromise. This, I believe, has become a more pressing priority than voting on the basis of specific policy issues.

This means not voting for people like John Boehner, who recently told Harry Reid – twice – to “Go fuck yourself”. We do not need petulant brats like this in Congress. We do not need stubborn ideologues.

So, don’t bother praying. Get to the polls instead.


2 Responses to Don’t pray, vote.

  1. How about I do both? 😉

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    Yeah, religion is often supported by governments because it helps keep people off the streets.

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