At this point, you may have accumulated objections to certain claims or arguments made in this book. I invite you to discuss these with me here at my blog. At the very least, I hope you come away from this book appreciating the need for a rigorous, objective system of ethics built from the ground up. To be careful and consistent in our ethical decision making, we need a firm set of principles that can be applied methodically to any moral issue we are presented with. And these principles cannot be arbitrary, but must be grounded in the reality of the human condition.

Whatever your own moral viewpoint is, I encourage you to question it and test it daily. Challenge your opinions and ensure they are consistent from one issue to another.

I will do the same. Although I have put much time and effort into formulating the ideas presented here, I have no intention of putting them on the shelf or otherwise sheltering them from further scrutiny. The journey must go on.

Thanks for reading.

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