Answers? What answers?

I thought I should alert the reader to an excellent post at Good Reason. In it, Daniel Midgley draws a contrast between religion’s claim that it can provide answers to spiritual questions, and it’s spectacular failure, when pressed, to do so.

For instance, the only attempts I’ve seen at answering the question of why God allowed the Sandy Hook massacre to happen are from people like Mike Huckabee, who reckon it’s because we’ve “taken God out of the schools”. What a spiteful, callous God that would have to be: Politicians make a decision about prayer in schools, and God decides to pay them back by allowing innocent children to be killed!

The fact is, religion doesn’t provide answers at all. It has no reliable epistemology. It’s main purpose is to comfort people with invented platitudes. Platitudes which must not be studied too hard lest their logical incoherence and lack of empirical support be exposed.


5 Responses to Answers? What answers?

  1. Remember when we discussed the abundance of school shootings and I discussed the possibility of evil/satanic forces behind those school mass shootings? Well, how many have we seen since I wrote that? Too many.. and now this one in Connecticut. I think it’s clear that something’s going on and it cannot be considered “good,” by any means. Spiritually-speaking, I call it evil. I don’t believe God had anything to do with these shootings. This earth is under Satan’s dominion at the present time.

  2. Keith says:


    For what it’s worth, I think your interpretation of events makes a certain amount of sense, in that it doesn’t try to explain why a good God would allow suffering to occur. Instead, it pits the forces of good and evil against each other, with neither force being able to completely vanquish the other – a good old-fashioned battle between good and evil. This makes a lot more sense.

    It does, of course, mean that you have to give up on the idea of God being all-powerful, since clearly he is up against a force that is just as strong, if not stronger, than he is.

    If you still insist that God is more powerful than Satan, then you’re in the same boat as all the rest of the apologists: you have to come up with a reason why God doesn’t just squash Satan underfoot right now, instead of allowing human suffering to persist for literally hundreds of thousands of years. And, as my post argues, there is no apologetic answer to this question, at least none that makes any sense.

  3. Er.. you just love to make me study my bible, don’t you, Keith?
    (chuckle) I’ll try to begin finding the answer to this question as time allows.

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