God is not a dictator – perhaps he should be

Christopher Hitchens famously called God a “celestial dictator”. I’m sure I’ve done it myself, too.

But actually, when you look around at the world, it’s quite clear that God is not a dictator. At least, not anymore. The Bible has a lot of dictatorial stuff in it, but that era seems to have passed.

These days God seems to be, well, on vacation.

Nowhere is God asserting his authority today. Nowhere is he stepping in to enforce his plans. In fact, we’ve been living through the longest, most arduous version of Home Alone ever. God has gone on vacation and we are left fending off not only burglars, but rapists, murderers, diseases, and natural disasters.



And we’re actually getting quite good at it. Health is improving around the world. Crime rates are at historical lows in many countries. We’re actually getting on quite well without God.

Of course, some people claim to be in touch with God, but this communication seems full of static and distortion, like a really bad quality phone call. No one can seem to agree what it is, exactly, that God is shouting down the line from his heavenly beach-side villa.

Instead, it seems we have to resort to the to-do list he left on the fridge some two thousand years or so ago, and try to figure out how it applies to today’s world.

Perhaps – and this is a long shot – perhaps we can recognize God for the terrible parent he is, and cut ties with him?

Even better, perhaps we could realize that he never existed to begin with, and that we need to take full responsibility for ourselves.


9 Responses to God is not a dictator – perhaps he should be

  1. L.Long says:

    I tend to tell theists that I am their worse nightmare.
    They then a assume that I am an atheist that does not believe in gawd. No I am not, I live my life as a-theist meaning without gawd because S/He/IT are IRRELEVANT! I neither believe nor disbelieve as it is IRRELEVANT! S/He/IT isn’t worth the effort either way as the universe works as if S/He/IT does not exist and until S/He/IT can produce the type of evidence that is adequate I wont waste my time with S/He/IT. And if S/He/IT should take the effort to make itself known as being Yehway then I will join the group trying to destroy S/He/IT.
    After all a laser powered plasma rifle boring thru a trans-dimensional worm hole can do wonders to the whatever is on the other side (sorry a short flight of fantasy there).

  2. It would help, Keith, if you would attempt to seriously familiarize yourself with the bible; then you might recognize what God is actually doing right now. He’s hardly doing nothing, nor is He “on vacation.”

    I suggest you start at the book of Revelation and study it carefully. Compare what is said there with what’s occurring in our world today and within the last twenty years.

    I (and many others) believe we’re in the era of the beast rising, or 666. Satan incarnate will be taking the throne soon and insisting that the world populace take his mark (within the next fifty years or a great deal less, perhaps?)

    God is allowing Satan his time to reign over this world; this time is his only for a season. It may appear that God has left the building, to you, but He most definitely has not. All is going according to what was written, according to God’s well defined plan; that plan is not a state secret. Read the bible, especially the book of Revelation.

    At any rate, if you desire to deny these events are occurring as they have been written, or claim that it’s all mere coincidence, that’s certainly your call. I’m just offering an alternative perspective of world events as they are currently playing out, as opposed to your thoughts on God as presented in this posting

  3. Keith says:


    I have studied Revelation carefully – search my blog and you’ll find an entire series on Revelation. It’s an insane apocalyptic rant.

  4. Well, it’s convenient for you to think so. Time will tell, I suppose. You do have to agree, however, that it’s possible you’re mistaken. And if you are mistaken, God is not ceasing to do anything — God is carrying through His plan, just as He said He would.

  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    Yeah, Keith, lots of people believe that God is not on vacation at all. Hurricanes and Earthquakes are still explained to be Yahweh’s punishment for toleration of gays or godless governments. You may think he is on vacation because you are not a Yahwehist. And many Christians are not Yahwehists — so I am sure, in their private moments, probably agree with you and wonder if he is on vacation.

  6. L.Long says:

    Sabio says…’lots of people believe that God is not on vacation at all. Hurricanes and Earthquakes are still explained to be Yahweh’s punishment ‘. Yes there are lots of these people who read the event but not the news. Cuz if they are right then yahweh has really REALLY bad aim. The Haitian earthquake wiped out mostly poor xtians, the hurricane hit the poor xtain section of New Orleans not the area with the high gay count. Thanks to -well me for good thinking- I live with the well off sinners so I’m safe from IT’s very bad aim while he carries out IT’s plan of killing lots of poor xtians..

  7. Sabio Lantz says:

    Well, no one claimed Yahweh was a very bright god! 🙂
    (ohoh, will I get struck by lightening for that?)

  8. Keith says:


    “You do have to agree, however, that it’s possible you’re mistaken.”

    Yes, but only in the same sense that I might be mistaken about the Mayan calendar bringing about the end of the world this December. It’s about as likely as Jesus coming back.

  9. If you are a Calvinist – all this is predetermined and part of God’s plan. Even the evil stuff. I hate Calvinist.

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