Oh, you forgot something…

First, I must apologize for not posting as frequently as usual. To be honest, I’ve felt the need for a little break.

Second, there will soon be an update on the robins that have been nesting outside my kitchen. Yesterday, the three young ones took their first steps toward independence, and left the nest. I felt a bit sad, I must admit. Anyhow, I’m putting together some images and movies of their first few days of life – watch this space!

Now on to the topic of this post. Some Christians tout prophecy as one of their religion’s strong suits. As demonstrated by many people (including me, to a very small extent – see my Biblical Prophecies series), biblical prophecies are decidedly unconvincing when you look at them a little closer. It also helps not to look at them with the strong pro-Christian bias of the believer.

I was listening to an interview with John Loftus on Think Atheist Radio recently, and Dr. Loftus got talking about prophecy. He noted that there isn’t a single Old Testament prophecy concerning the resurrection of Jesus.

This is not particularly surprising, since Jews did not expect their eventual Messiah to be killed, let alone resurrected. And since it is impossible to reliably predict the future, it makes sense that no prophecies of the resurrection exist.

But this is a bit of a problem for those Christians who believe in biblical prophecy. Why would prophets fail to foresee the most important event in Christianity?

I posed this question on my Facebook group and, as expected, a gem of an apologetic excuse was made. Apparently it would have been dangerous to predict Jesus’ resurrection, because this might have dissuaded the forces of Satan from working toward killing Jesus.

Unfortunately, we know from the New Testament (e.g., the Gethsemane scene) that it was God’s will for Jesus to be crucified. Why, then, would God need Satan at all? If it was God’s will that Jesus be crucified, it would have sufficed for God himself to place treacherous desires into Judas’s heart. (The Bible is full of examples of God making people feel a certain way. He hardens hearts, he fills hearts with gladness, and so on.)

I have no doubt that further apologetic devices can be constructed to counter my objection. Apologetics is easy because it is limited not by the evidence but by the apologist’s imagination.

I strongly recommend the Think Atheist Radio podcast, by the way. Some of the best and brightest of philosophers are interviewed.


One Response to Oh, you forgot something…

  1. L.Long says:

    Actually the whole Satan thing is a straw-man. Look thru the buyBull and there is no evil done by Satan. Who ordered the dufus with the horns to blow? Who told Abraham to stab the kid?
    Who had all the Amalites to be killed – along with PG women-babies-and women who once looked at a dick? Who was responsible for the Job thing just to boost his ego? Who DID NOT say slavery was bad in his supposed holey book? Who sent a bear to kill kids who told a bold gay he was bald? Who cursed a fig tree just cuz he was in a snit? And as you said who told jesus to die (sort of)? Gawd dont need no help on the evil doing stuff.

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