New feature on Coming of Age

Hi folks

Thought I should let you know I’ve added a new entry to my Essays menu: Christians’ questions. Its purpose is to provide a series of FAQs that might answer questions Christians commonly have about atheism.

Thus far, a morality FAQ is the single offering in this series, but I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.

So, if you have Christian friends who want a short primer on atheism, consider directing them to Christians’s questions.

Have a good Friday!


3 Responses to New feature on Coming of Age

  1. Count me in!

    As you know, I’m an Evertonian realist and have a lot to say about objectivism/realism/cognitivism so if any Christian needs any help in making sense of the world then I’ll help wherever I can.

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    This sounds like a very good project. Best wishes on it! One question Christians may have for Atheists is, “How do you deal with your fear of death?”

  3. Keith says:

    Good question Sabio, thanks.

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