Obama and the Pastor

Obama’s newly minted personal support for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians is all over the news today.

His pastor is in a huff. You see, he doesn’t want the bigoted stance of his church to be challenged. He’d rather let it continue to slip under the radar for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, conservative Christians continue to tie themselves into knots explaining why gay marriage would spell disaster for America. Jim Daly at the Washington Post, for instance, claims that the president’s job is to kowtow to the majority opinion of the public which, according to Daly, does not favor gay marriage. Forget the idea that a president should stand firm in his beliefs even if they are unpopular (who would want that in a president?). And forget the fact that the president was clearly speaking in a personal capacity – he was not making policy.

And what about Daly’s claim that the majority of Americans are against gay marriage? Daly backs his view up by pointing to the 32 states that have explicit laws prohibiting gay marriage. Yet even the article Daly links to for these data acknowledges that in the latest polls, more Americans support gay marriage than not. The discrepancy between these polls and the passing of anti-gay marriage laws is due to several factors, including the timing of legislative measures, as the article points out.

Daly has lost the argument.

Obama’s pastor has lost the argument.

A growing number of people in the U.S. no longer buy the tortured logic that conservative Christians must use to support their irrational fear of gay marriage. A growing number of people can also see that gay marriage, where it has been legalized in other parts of the world, has not led to a catastrophic collapse of civilized society.

Christians must learn to live with gay marriage, because it’s going to be legalized sooner or later. Whether they wish to pout and drag their feet all the way is up to them. But they should know that their battle is lost.


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