A robin in spring

Sometimes I catch myself writing too many negative posts. I must remember that part of my aim here is to convey the positive aspects of the naturalist worldview, instead of continually hammering religion.

There are two things I think I should mention in this regard. First, I’ve almost finished revamping my essay on morality, which you can find in the Essays menu on the right of the page (I have to rewrite the Examples page, otherwise it’s finished). Importantly, the essay makes almost no mention of religion at all – it’s a purely foward-looking secular attempt at constructing an objective moral system.

The rewrite was triggered in part by a problem I encountered with my desire utilitarianism calculus, namely that it relied on the current state of people’s desires. Why did this bother me? Well, it cannot properly cope with people who do not yet exist. This is a bit of a problem when considering issues like abortion. Also, it means that the theory was not entirely consequentialist, which I was a little uncomfortable with. Another reason for rewriting the essay was because I read Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics, which is a must read for any student of ethical philosophy, and this caused me to rethink a couple of my ideas.

There is another positive thing to report: it seems a robin is starting to build a nest on the vine-covered trellis just outside my kitchen window. This is a photographer’s dream come true. With my long zoom lens, the bird easily fills the frame, and I don’t even have to leave the house to shoot.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I’ll be posting some pictures of the robin here from time to time, and hopefully we’ll get to see some eggs and some hatchlings. (The trellis is along the edge of our deck, so I’m hoping our outdoors activities there will not frighten the bird away.)

It’s Friday, and the world outside is beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

2 Responses to A robin in spring

  1. Can’t wait to see the pics. This will be a nice change from our usual fare.. 😉 Looking forward to it.

  2. […] has commented here on the positive qualities of naturalism and also here about the positive nature of non-belief […]

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