Just wash your veggies already

I’m pretty sure I’ve called Judaism the obsessive compulsive disorder of religious belief, and I was not at all deterred from this evaluation when I saw an amusing story about Jews mulling over bugs in their lettuce.

Yup, Leviticus says that creepy crawlies aren’t kosher. And that’s why some Kosher certification groups offer classes on how to look for, and eradicate, bugs from fruits and veggies. I kid thee not.

I’m not sure I understand the problem: Shouldn’t everyone just be washing their fresh produce as a matter of course? Why wouldn’t you get rid of the bugs crawling all over your food?

Whatever the answer, it’s mind-boggling to me how religion can get its adherents to misplace their energy into, er, fruitless pursuits. Shouldn’t Jews be thinking more deeply about the meaning of Passover itself, and how disturbing it is that their god went on an infanticidal rampage? Shouldn’t they be concerned that the Israelites’ experience of slavery in Egypt apparently did nothing to stop them from taking slaves themselves, a practice their god did nothing to discourage? Or should they just be wasting their time searching for aphids in their arugula?


One Response to Just wash your veggies already

  1. L.Long says:

    They should be obsessing over the bugs on food they are too frightened to wash. Cuz if they did the other stuff that might get them to thinkin’ that their psycho gawd may not be all that they thought he was.

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