Are you ready to tell me I’m amazing yet?

This is one of those somewhat irrelevant rants that I can’t help posting from time to time.

I’ve been playing Draw Something, a Pictionary-type game for the iPhone (and iPad). It’s a great game, but has some real flaws. For instance, it hides the bottom part of your partner’s drawing, making it a little harder for you to guess what it is. It also doesn’t allow you to zoom in to add details to your drawing, and its notification system is not working properly (it often tells me I have one outstanding game when I have none).

So, you can imagine my ire when the following image flashed up on my screen after a game:

My choice is to give the game a five-star rating or move on (and be pestered into giving a five-star rating again later). This is a horribly dishonest ploy. It ensures that they receive only five-star ratings, and it denies that any player might be experiencing problems with the game.

Poor form, Draw Something programmers!


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