Soccer hooligans of a different sort

To anyone still under the illusion that all Israelis are calm, peaceful people with no hate for Arabs, take a look at the recent attacks on Arabs by Jewish youths at a soccer game in Jerusalem. They also spat at three Arab women trying to have a meal with their children.

Hate, it seems, is present on both sides of the conflict.

And Orthodox Jewish men are once again in the news with their bizarre and sometimes reprehensible behavior (remember this?). They are now making a nuisance of themselves trying to get women to change seats on airplanes, so that the two sexes don’t have to mix (the horror!).

The Middle East, it is sad to say, is not served well by its religious traditions. The extreme and opposing views of Islam and Orthodox Judaism (which seems to be growing) are keeping the people of that region submerged in a fog of ancient superstitious hatred. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the world is slowly moving on.


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