Medieval nonsense is alive and well in Ohio

Catholics performed an exorcism outside an abortion clinic in Kettering, Ohio. It wasn’t an exorcism of a particular person, mind you, but of a place. That’s right, Catholics mumbled some Latin words and the evil in Kettering lifted like a fog. Or at least, that’s what the general idea was – abortions do not seem to have screeched to a halt since the incantation was made.

Said one of the organizers, “Hopefully, the spiritual battle will be won.” Which is to say, she’s going to feel better about this whole issue by whispering some superstitious nonsense into the air, even if it makes not a jot of difference to what’s happening on the ground.

I realize these folks have a constitutional right to exercise their religious freedom, but I think rational people also have a right to have a hearty laugh at such anachronistic silliness. After all, this is not a case of harassment or government support of religion, so there is no reason to object to it in any serious, organized way. It is, however, worth a good chuckle.


2 Responses to Medieval nonsense is alive and well in Ohio

  1. Ah, but were they trying to get rid of the exorcists, or the souls of all the unborn that died horribly and cannot get into heaven, thus leaving a large number of angry spiritual entities likely looking to share the pain?

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