Taliban: only we are allowed to kill our children

A bomb thought to be planted by the Taliban killed 13 people in Afghanistan today, 9 children among them. The Taliban also protested the massacre of 16 people – 9 children among them – by an American soldier last weekend. So the message of the Taliban seems pretty clear: only they are allowed to kill Afghan children.

The Taliban, as usual, lives up to its reputation.

Interestingly, though, the NY Times notes how subdued the Afghan reaction to the American soldier’s massacre has been compared to the violent reaction to an earlier (accidental) burning of the Qur’an at a military base. This is what Mullah Khaliq Dad had to say to the Times:

How can you compare the dishonoring of the Holy Koran with the martyrdom of innocent civilians?

I had to read the context of this statement a couple of times to realize that he was, indeed, saying what I thought he was saying: burning the Qur’an is worse than killing nine innocent children.

That, right there, is how badly things can go wrong with religious thinking. It has the power to subvert our values so entirely that burning a mere book is seen as a greater tragedy than the slaughter of children.

I’m reminded of the sort of parasite (like nematomorpha) that invades the brain of its host, causing it to behave in strange and often self-destructive ways. That is what Islam has done in this situation: it has turned a normal human being into a font of irrational nonsense.


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