Cleaning up His mess

The power of God was not sufficient to prevent people dying in a devastating tornado strike on the town of Harrisburg, Illinois a few days ago. Or perhaps God’s power was sufficient, but he chose to do nothing. Maybe he was preoccupied with something else (there are a lot of starving children in the world, for instance). Maybe he even wanted it to happen as part of some grand plan involving death, grief stricken families, and destroyed livelihoods. Who knows?

The upshot of the sorry affair is that his children are left to clean up a mess he could have prevented. Ironic, I think, that the acts of fallible human beings appear to be more commendable than those of the god they believe in.

Churches are providing refuge to families whose homes have been destroyed. Undoubtedly, ministers and priests are speaking words of solace and encouraging their flock to donate time, money, food, and other essentials to those in need. And so they should. Yet it’s hard to escape the deafening roar of silence from the one entity who, according to the same ministers and priests, had the power to prevent the disaster but chose not to.

I’ve brought up the issue of God’s apparent unconcern for natural disasters many times before, but I think it’s worth mentioning every time something like this happens. Believers need to be reminded as often as possible that their god regularly permits his natural creation to commit this sort of heinous, arbitrary violence upon them. It is not a problem that can be swept under the rug. Shrugging one’s shoulders and saying things like “God works in mysterious ways”, is moral apathy, plain and simple – it’s fiddling while Rome, quite literally, burns.


5 Responses to Cleaning up His mess

  1. L.Long says:

    g0d does these horrid acts so that the good and holey acts of his devoted sheep can be demonstrated. ;-}

    That sounds better then admitting prayers don’t work and g0d could really give a …

  2. We will all die. It’s a fact of living. If no one ever died er… well, you’re the scientist dear Keith, you tell us what would eventually happen naturally-speaking to this planet we’re living upon.

    I do believe that God “gets involved.” The question is, when does God choose to intervene and when does He sit back, and why? I guess this is something we won’t really have an answer for until we ask Him in person. Personally, I believe that God intervenes when our purpose in life is threatened and we are unable to fulfill it unless He intervenes.

    Evidently, those who left this earth in this most recent disaster have fulfilled their purpose here, whatever that was, hard as that may be to hear; it’s my only resolution on the thing. I can’t think of another reasoning for why God didn’t stop it and why bad things happen to some people and not others.

  3. Keith says:


    I have no problem with death, I’m not sure what gave you that impression.

    I do have a problem with arbitrary, unnecessary suffering, though. You admit that under your supernatural worldview, you currently have no answer to this problem. The fact that you insist, with absolutely no evidence in hand, that such an answer must exist anyway, is simply a demonstration of the anesthetizing effect of faith on rational thought.

  4. L.Long says:

    There own buyBull says…No man may know the mind of g0d….
    So when they say g0d did this or that , what they mean is … “I’m scared of natural uncontrolled stuff, and it feels better thinking g0d has a plan”. The ‘THEY’ meaning some of them as I know this from my catlick days listening to various people.

  5. I sense a bit of sarcastic anger šŸ™‚

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