Thank you, Paul McCartney!

Music is a fundamental part of my existence. I can’t imagine life without listening to – and performing – music.

Like me, all music fans find themselves in quite an odd position. We spend many an hour communing, in the privacy of our own heads, with the melodic messages of our favorite artists, but we have very few options indeed for expressing our gratitude. Yes, we can add our screaming voice to the concert hall cacophony, or our comments to the inundated fan page.

None of these gestures, though, compares with the intimacy that the music gives us. There is no way we can return that favor (and perhaps most artists are thankful for that!).

This inability to express gratitude at a direct, personal level is something that saddens me. I think of artists like Paul McCartney, whose music has always been in my library. My parents got me listening to the Beatles when I was just a wee lad. As a teenager I moved on to Wings, and as an adult I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of his newer works (Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, for instance).

So Paul McCartney, I can safely say, is an important part of my life, as are other artists. Yet I have no real way of telling them that – of explaining to them what their music has meant to me.

It’s a little demoralizing.


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