The Qur’an (part 5 of 10)

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With this post, I’m approximately halfway through my reading of the Qur’an!

In the latest set of suras there is nothing that stands out as uniquely new or important for general commentary, so I’ll dive straight into the sura-by-sura report.

========== sura 11

  • Allah is the only god, he knows everything and created everything.
  • The usual material on the folly of unbelievers.
  • Yet another retelling of the Noah’s Ark story.
  • The Ark supposedly came to rest on Mt. Judi – a belief that stems from a separate flood myth than the Biblical one, which claims Mt. Ararat as the ark’s resting place.
  • Then follows the usual recounting of the various messengers that were rejected by their people.
  • The story of Lot is recounted. (I think it may have appeared a few times before, but I didn’t recognize the story thanks to small changes in names and narrative.)
  • A brief mention of Moses.
  • More warnings about Judgment day.

========== sura 12

This sura is a retelling of the entire Genesis narrative of Joseph, Jabob’s eleventh son.

========== sura 15

  • Admonitions to unbelievers are repeated. Unbelievers consider the messenger to be insane, but on Judgment Day they will realize their error.
  • Unbelievers also ask for signs, but Allah is beholden to no one.
  • Allah created everything.
  • Again the account of Satan refusing to bow down to Adam.
  • A repeat of some of the stories regarding messengers who were rejected by their people.

========== sura 6

  • Several references to the characters of the Old Testament are repeated, as are some elements of the creation story.
  • It appears to be taken for granted that details about permitted foods are known among the community. A few ayat later, though, we’re told that “dead meat” and pork are forbidden.
  • Be fair to orphans.
  • Don’t break your religious practice into sects (I guess that’s too bad for Sunnis, Shias, the Taliban, Boko Haram, and all the rest…)
  • Similar to certain Biblical passages, it is said that Allah will deliberately make some people unable to hear his message.
  • Other religion’s food-related laws are condemned as “made up”. Oh the irony.

========== sura 37

  • Admonitions to unbelievers are repeated. Unbelievers consider the messenger to be insane, but on Judgement Day they will realize their error.
  • Unbelievers will be cast into the fire, while believers will stroll through gardens sipping piña coladas.
  • Apparently hell will contain a tree whose fruit is like the head of a devil, and which the occupants of hell will have to eat.
  • A list of Biblical references involving Abraham, Moses, Aaron, and Jonah.
  • It is emphasized, once again, that God had no sons or daughters.

========== sura 31

  • Pray regularly and give to charity.
  • Some will scorn the messenger’s words.
  • Believers are promised beautiful gardens.
  • Allah created everything.
  • A prophet called Luqman (after whom the sura is named) exhorts believers to do certain things, such as show gratitude to their parents and avoid being arrogant.
  • Allah created everything, but unbelievers do not recognize this.

========== sura 34

  • The usual admonitions to unbelievers, who arrogantly fail to recognize the signs Allah has created.
  • Brief references to David and Solomon.
  • A rather odd little passage about unbelievers wanting the distances between cities to be greater.
  • More about arrogant unbelievers refusing to recognize Allah.
  • Righteousness is far more important than wealth.
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