The Qur’an (part 2 of 10)

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My overall impression of the next set of suras is how much material is repeated. Almost every sura in the set has Judgment Day as its main theme, and describes the impending fiery doom of the proud, but blind, unbelievers.

========== sura 105 

Flights of Birds were sent against the Companions of the Elephant. Your guess is as good as mine. (I could go into a little research here, but my main aim is to read through the Qur’an with minimal fuss, and see what my first impressions are.)

========== sura 113

Muhammad seeks refuge with Allah from the evils of the world.

========== sura 114

Pretty much the same as sura 113.

========== sura 112

  • Praise for Allah.
  • Allah is neither begotten nor does he beget.

========== sura 53

  • A little about Muhammad’s experience of revelation from Allah.
  • Allah created everything.
  • A warning for the day of judgment.

========== sura 80

Warning for the day of judgment.

========== sura 97

Muhammad extols the Night of Power, when Allah revealed his message.

========== sura 91

  • Praise for the natural world.
  • Condemnation for those who rejected their prophet.
  • (There is also a bit about a she-camel that I don’t quite get.)

========== sura 85

  • Unbelievers will be cast into the fire.
  • Allah is the creator of everything.

========== sura 95

Allah created man, then abased all except those who believe.

========== sura 106

Praise for the Quraysh (the dominant tribe in Mecca at the time that Islam began).

========== sura 101

The Day of Noise and Clamor will see the righteous rewarded and – you guessed it – the unbelievers cast into the fiercely blazing Fire.

========== sura 75

More warnings for the Day of Resurrection.

========== sura 104

Warning against excessive wealth.

========== sura 77

  • For at least the third time, mention is made of the lowly beginnings of each person as sperm (presumably Muhammad had no knowledge of the egg’s role in reproduction), and how Allah shaped each sperm into a human being.
  • Once again, a warning of impending doom for the Rejecters of Truth.

========== sura 50

  • A warning against those who see the creation around them but do not accept the obvious fact that Allah made it all.
  • The usual promise of gardens and rivers to the righteous, and hell to the unbeliever.

========== sura 90

The following are said to be good: freeing the “bondman”, helping orphans, feeding the hungry, and helping the indigent.


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