Turning men into pigs

The Abrahamic traditions, being strongly male-dominated, have a long and sad record of turning many of their most fanatical adherents into misogynistic pigs.

A modern example is the haredi Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. Recently, some men from this community spat at an eight year old girl as they passed her on the street. Her crime? She was “immodestly” dressed.

And apparently there is de facto¬†gender apartheid on certain bus routes. Women aren’t legally required to sit at the back of the bus, but if they don’t, they “risk verbal and physical abuse from male passengers”.

Treatment of women in this way is despicable. These men, who claim to be following the will of God, are an utter embarrassment to the rest of the human race.

So, I have a piece of advice to religiously-fueled male chauvinists: get over your ridiculous, delusion-driven ego trip, and treat women like human beings.


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