Religion is weird

Don't eat me!

There is a lovely story in the NY Times (behind a subscription wall – apologies) about a woman (Mrs Shine!) who runs a toy store that caters to Orthodox Jews. I very much appreciate the lack of toys that glorify violence, and I’m also glad that Orthodox Jews have a place just for them, that meets their needs.

But I was reminded how weird religion can be when I read this part of the article:

Mrs. Shine knows not to sell stuffed lions to a Lubavitch family because members of that movement do not want their children playing with animals not kosher to eat.

Say what?

It seems as if they’re worried that when kids play with lions, they’ll be tempted to eat them. How very strange.


One Response to Religion is weird

  1. I don’t know what’s so confusing about this; I’m tempted to eat a lion every time I flip past the Animal Planet… 😛

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