Christians wage their own war on religion

They're also free to practice their religion.

I was quite surprised (but probably shouldn’t have been) to hear about the big stink that the conservative Christian organization Florida Family Association (FFA) has put up over the appearance of Lowe’s and other companies’ commercials during a reality show called “All American Muslim”.

As I started to read this story, I expected to hear something about a perceived anti-Christian, or pro-Muslim message in the ads. But no, they were just ordinary ads. FFA’s complaint is merely that any company would dare to show commercials during a TV show that paints a group of moderate Muslim families in a positive light.

It’s this sort of hysterical, hypocritical nonsense that explains why religiously fueled animosity has dragged on so long in the Middle East. And why a growing proportion of American citizens are getting fed up with religion. They’re tired of the hatred and bigotry oozing from organizations (like the FFA and Focus on the Family) that crow about their supposed piety and compassion.

The hypocrisy, especially, is galling. Organizations like FFA are the first to complain about the so-called “war on Christmas”; how Christians are supposedly having their voices silenced in the public square by rabid secularists. And then they turn around and throw a hissy fit the moment another religion tries to haveĀ its voice heard.

Some Christians, it seems, are waging their own war on religion.


3 Responses to Christians wage their own war on religion

  1. As a Christian, I would like to personally apologize for what this group that calls itself Christian has done. Sadly, many groups claim Christianity, yet share none of the virtues of Christ. This makes us all look bad.

    Also, I think I will be boycotting Lowe’s for their part in this.

    • kpharri says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I am aware from my own experience that there are plenty of Christians out there who would be appalled by the FFA’s behavior, which is why I try to avoid using all-inclusive language when talking about Christians.

      I don’t think you should feel the need to apologize, though, since you bear no responsibility (although the gesture is appreciated)!

      Better, as you say, to boycott Lowe’s.

  2. I, too, am sorry. I’m already boycotting Lowes and only go to Home Depot. I do not support religious bigotry or hatred aimed at *anyone,” btw. Good blog, Kpharri.

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