Dear Christians

This December, many people in America would like to fill their homes with warmth, cheer, and generosity during their winter break. They’re allowed to do that.

Some of these people aren’t actually celebrating the birth of Jesus, they’re just celebrating friends and family, and the joy of feasting and staying warm in the dark cold of winter. They’re allowed to do that, too.

(In fact, people have been celebrating at mid-winter long before Jesus was born. And many of the traditional symbols of Christmas predate Jesus.)

I understand if you’re annoyed that people use the word “Christmas” to describe their non-Christian celebrations. That is a little silly, to be sure, and it is probably done out of habit.

But I don’t understand why you would want people to actually use the word “Christmas” to describe their non-religious winter celebrations. That’s silly, too. Shouldn’t you be lobbying government and retailers to be using the word “Christmas” less, not more?

Perhaps you feel that your own celebrations of Christmas are somehow being sidelined. But they aren’t. You’re allowed to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Shout it from the rooftops. Sing it from the choir. Plaster the message all over your shop windows. No one’s trying to stop you.

But please, stop attacking attempts at inclusion. Stop attacking government for trying to be neutral on matters of religion, instead of promoting Christianity over other faiths. Stop making up a fake war on religion simply because you’re trying to find ammunition against a political party you disagree with.

Stop bursting into state houses and interrupting children’s choirs to demand that a silly tree be called a “Christmas tree” instead of a “Holiday tree”. Children need good role models.


2 Responses to Dear Christians

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