Revelation: A review (part 5)

In this final post of the Revelation series, I take a look at what happens after Judgement Day.

—– Chapter 21

The earth and heaven are replaced by newer versions, and a brand new city of Jerusalem, reserved for all the good people, descends to earth from heaven like a space ship in a Star Wars movie. Everyone will be happy now except, we are reminded, for the evil unbelievers, who will be swimming laps in the fiery lake of burning sulfur (the “second death”).

The new Jerusalem is, apparently, huge. Its square cross-section measures 1400 miles along a side, many times bigger than the largest urban agglomeration on earth. What really makes it cool, though, is that it is also 1400 miles high! This means that the upper rooftops of the new Jerusalem will protrude well into the outermost layer (exosphere) of the earth’s atmosphere, higher even than the typical orbit of the space shuttle.

Each of the 12 gates of the city will be crafted from a single large pearl. Pearly gates indeed! I’d like to see the mollusk that produces those…

—– Chapter 22

Here, we are told of the river of life that runs through the new city, and the two trees of life that grow on either side of the river. It sounds a lot like Minas Tirith.

Interestingly, the servants of the Lamb will carry his name on their foreheads, analogous to the mark written on the foreheads of the beast’s worshipers.

An angel then tells John that his visions are true, and that he should not seal up the scroll containing these visions, because the “time is near”. And yet here we are, with the scroll of John long destroyed by the ravages of time.

Finally, Jesus (not the angel) warns John that anyone who adds or takes away from the contents of the scroll, will meet a terrible end.

And that, folks, is Revelation in a nutshell.


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