Theologians occasionally accuse atheists of attacking simplified or outdated versions of theology that have long since been replaced by more sophisticated thinking. In this essay, I tackle some of this theology head on. I will update it with new entries periodically.

Currently, I am working through commonly used arguments for the existence of God. Please select from the list below to see my refutations.

Please note that the ideas expressed here are not all my own: I owe a great debt of thanks to all the atheist thinkers who have demolished these theological castles before me, not least of whom include Ebon Musings (aka, Daylight Atheism) and No Forbidden Questions. My essay is largely an exercise in satisfying my own desire to tackle theological arguments directly – there are plenty of better refutations out there.

—– Arguments for the existence of God:

1. The Ontological Argument

1a. Anselm

1b. Plantinga

2. The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Craig)

Note that many good refutations to Craig’s arguments can be found at the blog Debunking William Lane Craig. These include refutations of Craig’s responses to some of my own objections to his cosmological argument.

3. The Transcendental Argument (Slick)

Remarks on Slick’s Response to Objections



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