Falling back on superstition

When the going gets tough, the tough get superstitious.

With little progress being made on the debt ceiling debate, a group of Muslims, Christians, and Jews have come together to pray for a solution. They consider themselves to be setting an example of how people of diverse opinions can cooperate when it’s really important to do so (never mind the rest of the time, when the three religious traditions are at often violent loggerheads).

As usual, superstitious behavior like participation in prayer vigils comes to the fore only when real solutions have failed. The same goes for all the praying that has been going on in drought stricken parts of the U.S. recently (e.g., see here).

The participants of the prayer vigil would do better by picketing outside the halls of Congress and making loud, angry noises at their politicians. That’s the least our shambolic government deserves. Mumbling to gods is not going to help.


One Response to Falling back on superstition

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Will there be candle prayer vigils tonight in America (Monday) as the budget is decided (or not)? You are right, even the skeptics become superstitious when other means seem to fail.

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