Fighting religious discrimination in Nepal

Rob Buckley, who first visited Nepal as a member of the Peace Corps, returned for several years to start Himalayan Healers, a massage outfit that employs Untouchables: those people condemned by the Hindu religion to lie outside of the caste system. These literal “outcasts” constitute one of the deepest and most poisonous thorns in the side of human religious endeavor. What better way to shatter such an awful stereotype than to train untouchables to be massage therapists?

There is often a lot of “woo” in the world of massage, which has such close cousins as acupuncture, reiki, and other pseudo-scientific nonsense. But it is gratifying to see any serious attempt at helping those who are so unjustly oppressed by such ghastly religious practices.


One Response to Fighting religious discrimination in Nepal

  1. Thanks for the kind post, and the link! We are a team and a family at Himalayan Healers, learning as we go. Thank you for being interested in and supporting our work. Sincerely,

    Founder / Director / Volunteer

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