New ideas

Just a very quick post.  There are two extremes when it comes to acceptance of new ideas.

The first extreme is to reject every new idea. This is dogmatism. Dogmatism calls on us to hold a particular set of beliefs and to reject any new, alternative view, without even considering its merits.

The opposite extreme is to accept every new idea. This is gullibility. It is to believe everything you are told.

Clearly, neither extreme is particularly attractive. We need something in between. Why not test new ideas so that we can sort the true from the false? And, to be fair, why not test them in such a way that doesn’t depend on our personal biases? Well, we already have such a system. It’s science, of course.


One Response to New ideas

  1. pickle2 says:

    No I don’t want to log out! I’ve just lurched from *this* page to a surprise I did not expect….logging into my own blogpage. Was I confused? Oh yeah. But I’m OK now. Glad I found your site. It has been duly posted in my messy WordPad files and I fully intend to return to peruse the stuff listed on the sidebar, sort of.
    ~~~~Very interesting. I have just “come out of the closet” as the atheist I knew in my feeble old brain I always was but was too sissified to tell the world. The world really doesn’t give a hoot, my family? Well, how they feel is their problem. I am the grand matriarch so they do not get sassy with ME. LOL
    p.s. I have maintained my blogsite since 2001, now I’m using WordPress Thesis…the Thesis gallery gave me a 4.40 rating, my web-designing daughter got a 4.00.
    *evil cackle*

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