A quick plug

I feel I should give a quick plug for a philosophy blog I’ve recently discovered: Words, Ideas, and Things. The author has very similar views on morality to mine, but I think he expresses them a little better than I do. I discovered the blog via Common Sense Atheism, whose author supports a controversial moral theory called desirism, from which I drew much inspiration for my own moral theory.


2 Responses to A quick plug

  1. Garren says:

    Oh hey, thanks for the plug. I like to see which nutty Google searches bring people to my blog and saw a couple of hits from here.

    Comparing the epistemic ‘ought’ of science is a useful way of showing how moral ‘oughts’ might also be goal-directed rather than free-floating mysteries. The thing I’m stuck on right now is whether to identify specifically moral ‘oughts’ as having to do with promoting the desires, happiness, well-being, etc. of others…or more fundamentally with whichever goals a social group expects everyone to promote in an overriding way.

    The problem is that some social groups use recognizably moral language to promote goals which sure don’t seem to be about the well-being of others. So is it this style of social expectation or other-regardingness that makes a goal a ‘moral’ goal? The latter option makes for better PR, but I’m not sure I can justify it. Advice welcome!

    Also, I didn’t see an obvious link for adding the whole blog to RSS on the main page. If I’m not just blind, that might help you pick up readers. I added it by typing in the obvious URL, but some people might even be more lazy than I am.

    • kpharri says:

      Garren – thanks for the RSS tip, I’ll check it out. I’ll also spend some time thinking about your current questions on the word ‘morality’ and what it means (I also read your blog post about this.)

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