The Wild West

Yet another senseless shooting in the U.S.  Supposedly, a man with a broken hip and crutches was speaking before a judge in an Alabama court when he became angry, lunged for a gun, and was shot by an officer in the courtroom. The officer then took it upon himself to fire a second bullet at the man, who was already collapsed on the floor.

What disturbs me most about this story is that lunging for a gun was actually an option in the first place. In a courtroom? How many guns, exactly, are needed to conduct court cases in Alabama?

This entire episode could easily have been avoided by prohibiting the presence of all firearms in the courtroom. Let them beat each other up with nightsticks (and crutches) if they must, but do we really need guns in courtrooms?


One Response to The Wild West

  1. NFQ says:

    How bizarre. I have to go through a metal detector and put my purse through an X-ray machine just to get into the administrative offices in my (admittedly much more liberal) county.

    I guess if you buy into the whole “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” mentality, you’d be all the more worried about a situation where the outlaws feel the most threatened…?

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