God has to look good

(Image from Dallas Observer Blogs.)

I think what irks me most about apologetics is its ultimate goal, the one that most apologists will not admit to: God has to look good.

Despite appearances to the contrary, apologists refuse to commit to any firm standard of justice or morality (or just about anything else their God is involved in).  Anyone who has read the Bible knows that God’s views on these issues are all over the map. Standards, then, must remain flexible because they may, at any moment, need to be modified in order to make God look good.

The funny thing is, apologists dress this flexible approach in robes of humility, saying things like “we can’t possibly know how God really works”.

But these aren’t words of humility so much as an admission that justice isn’t really what’s important. Morality isn’t really what’s important.

God has to look good. That’s the number one goal.


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