The King and I

As a project for 2011, an ex-Catholic atheist is reading the Bible from start to finish, and has invited others to join him, and post their comments on his blog. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with this project, and I’ve provided a link to it in my atheist blogs menu to the right, in case any of you are interested.

Happy New Year!

Edit:  So much for New Year’s resolutions. I’ve essentially given up on this project. It is a good one, and useful as a means of  getting through the Bible in a disciplined and methodical fashion. It has also attracted some insightful readers. But, as the comments below reflect, there seems to be little participation by theists, which is a little disappointing. I hold out my aspirations for a similar project led by a theist/atheist pair.


2 Responses to The King and I

  1. Leah says:

    I’ve been following the reading, but I don’t find the blog itself that interesting. Without any Christians there defending the Bible, it’s just a collection of atheists being amused at the illogic of biblical stories.

    • kpharri says:

      I agree. A few weeks ago, I was actually thinking of embarking on a similar project myself, before I bumped into the King and I. I was planning on having a Christian friend of mine blog with me: we would present a side-by-side view of the Bible from an atheist and theist perspective, which I think would be quite interesting. Unfortunately, it seems that time constraints have prevented my friend from committing to the project, even though he was interested. My time will be stretched this year too, so the idea is on hold for now.

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