What the about the guns?

The latest in America’s string of high school gun incidents, this time involving a 15 year old student  in Wisconsin, has been much in the news. However, there is a rather astonishing gap in this coverage. Not once have I heard anyone ask how a 15 year old obtained two handguns. Has American culture become so used to its weapon-drenched state that it has become blind to this problem?

Guns are killing machines, manufactured with the deliberate intent to cause suffering and death. I wish more people would wake up to this fact, especially people in government, who currently see no reason to prevent these despicable objects from finding their way into the hands of the nearest distraught teenager, not to mention the entire drug cartel population of Mexico.

Guns are surely one of the biggest embarrassments to the human race. Not only do they show just how primitive we still are, they show that we relish being primitive, that we put enormous effort and skill into it. It’s disgusting.

Rant over…


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