Religious hypocrisy

Reuters quotes Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying, of Pastor Terry Jones’s aborted plan to burn the Koran, that “We Muslims will never act this same way with the sanctities of other religions.”

Perhaps Khamenei doesn’t read the news. Muslims have, occasionally, burned and otherwise desecrated Bibles (see here, and here), and there was a planned Bible burning by a Muslim in response to the Terry Jones affair.

It also comes across as a little disingenuous to claim universal respect for other religions’ “sanctities” when it is clear that universal respect does not even exist for the believers themselves.  There is no doubt that certain extremist Muslims have little respect for Christians and Jews and, as Terry Jones has shown us, the same goes for extremist Christians with regard to believers of other faiths. In general, extremists respect nothing at all about their enemies. All the more reason to discourage extremism.


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