I’m with the Muslims on this one

A Dutch court recently fined a Muslim group for publishing a cartoon denying the Holocaust. As despicable as the cartoon may have been, I believe that the artists’ freedom of speech has been unfairly hindered by this ruling.

Exactly how many people must die in a tragic act of evil for it to receive state-sponsored protection from denial? Shouldn’t people also be fined for denying the millions of deaths caused by Stalin, or by Mao Tse-Tung?

Holocaust denial is evil, not to mention stupid. But people should not be punished for denying something they do not believe to be true.  Rather, let the evidence decide the matter, not the courts.


One Response to I’m with the Muslims on this one

  1. NFQ says:

    Agreed! Being stupid or wrong should not be against the law. (Being stupid and wrong while advocating violence is different.)

    Other countries just don’t have the same understanding of free speech that we do. It’s unfortunate — it seems so basic.

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