Mind reading and alien invasion

There are some rather odd phenomena that occasionally arise during conversation with evangelical Christians.

First of all, they sometimes claim to read my mind. It usually goes something like this: “You may deny the existence of God, but deep down inside you know that he exists, and this will make you unhappy”. To have someone whom I barely know tell me what I “know deep down inside” is, for some reason, extremely annoying to me. It’s a bit like some stranger off the street telling me that, deep down inside, I don’t really love my wife.

The second thing Christians occasionally slip into conversation is that God is actually inside me whether I know it or not (or whether I like it or not). So, apparently I am to believe that my soul is inhabited by the violent, jealous supernatural deity of the Bible. Frankly, I would rather be inhabited by a tape worm.

Sadly, there never seems to be anything I can say to convince my evangelical debaters that these claims are false. And this is probably because there really are no words to sway such people. They are so obsessively committed to their ideas that they will consider no compromise. Indeed, it seems almost as if they are the ones whose souls are inhabited – inhabited by an unhealthy, all consuming compulsion that blinkers them from rational persuasion.  My hope, as always, is that such folk will one day come around to reason. But I’m not holding my breath.


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