Excuse me while I rant


When I read news articles on technology, I expect to hear about breakthroughs, i.e. news, regarding technology. Yet, the technology sections of many online newspapers (New York Times and Reuters, I’m looking at you)  are often bloated with stories regarding the business dealings of technology companies. Instead of articles discussing the new features of, say, Microsoft’s Windows 7, we see articles on how Microsoft’s stock is doing, or how it is competing financially with Apple.

The absurdity of this situation is made readily apparent by looking at other sections of the newspaper. The health section, for instance, is (rightly) dominated by articles on health issues, not on the financial wellbeing of Pfizer. The entertainment section is dominated by articles on the latest movies or books, not on the value of Random House stock.

So, to news editors around the world, I have a news flash: business-related articles belong in the business section, not the technology section. Give us news about the technology itself, please!



2 Responses to Excuse me while I rant

  1. sTiv says:

    Heh heh heh. You geek.

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